Saturday, 4 December 2010

thank you, hivennn

I would like to thank Hiven for featuring some of my photos on her blog:) Can't even express how much joy it brings me!
She's into photography as well and her blog is a nice mix of shots taken by her, some by famous photographers and amazing pieces of jewellery ! Did i mention that some are made by her? Check out her blog, i'm sure you'll find them as interesting as i do!

You're just in time to enter her giveaway!

Here's the link to the feature.

Thank you again , Jazzy!


Alina A. said...

congrats dear!xx

shoppingaholic said...

Congrats!! Checking out Hiven's blog right now!!

Lady Platónica said...

Hey! Your blog is really amazing! I love photography too... I usually upload my photos to the blog. Hope we can follow each other!

Vikki said...

You deserved to be featured on her blog, that pic is just stunning!!!


shoppingaholic said...

I have a blog award for you hun!! Please accept it

Becky Regina said...

I found your blog through her blog :D

Annebeth said...

congrats on the feature! it is so awesome when people recognize your work and its quality :) the picture with the black hands and white flower is beautiful! :)

thanks for the comment!

Wallace Chapman said...

wonderful image :)

Miriam said...

congrats!! :)
beautiful photo!