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Who's that Girl // CRISTINA PETRE

Bucharest, Romania

NAME: Cristina Petre BLOG: StylingPhotoDiary
STYLE: "I think I’m still defining my style. I wasn’t always interested in fashion and I used to dress quite casual for most of the time. I decided to make a change on my 18th birthday. Shortly after I joined Chictopia, I banned long jeans from my wardrobe. I guess my blog covers my style transformation as well. I like elegant clothes with a little bit of edge, layering, simple items that I can combine in numerous ways. I’m a big fan of shorts which I wear all year round, winters included, with lace up boots! I also love big leather bags."
SHE'S FABULOUS BECAUSE: She is an amazing photographer and model. I first noticed her on Chictopia when she posted a photo (see below) of her, wearing a fabulous dress. To my surprise, I found out that she made it with plastic bags - which made it even more fabulous!

What kind of camera/equipment do you use to take your photos? How do you take your photos? Do you use a tripod? Do you use a timer or a remote? Do you have help?

I usually take my own photos so yes, that involves using a tripod and a remote control. It was a bit tricky at first but I got used to it. When possible and especially on location, friends help me. I use a Nikon D3000 which is a entry-level DSLR, nothing too fancy but has features that you can’t find in a compact camera (the one that you can always find in my bag). Recently invested in a studio flash and really hoping I’ll manage to buy a film camera - big fan on photos taken on film, especially black & white.

Your photos are awesome. Would you share a few of your photography secrets with us?
Be as natural as you can! Avoid using poses that look forced or that you see in every single catalog. A simple pose can look way better. Not saying that you can’t look for inspiration, on the contrary, I always look for new ideas, but I make sure they fit my personality and body type. Try taking photos in movement. It doesn’t always work, but once in a while you can get a stunning shot without even trying too hard. I always keep my eyes opened while walking in the city - you never know where you may find a great place to use as a background. I try to capture wider angles (and I advise my friends to do that, too) in my photos so that I can crop them later in a editing program when you can analyze better. And speaking of editing, learning how to use a good program really makes a difference. Plus, photos that you find not that special could look amazing black & white or sepia…so it’s worth trying that, too.

You seem very at ease in front of the camera. Do you have any tips for people who are camera shy like me?
Yeah, take your own photos! I find that people are shyer because of the people behind the camera. They worry about what the person will think if they try to do that face or pose…will he laugh and so on. Maybe you don’t realize that, but those questions are there and that is what makes people ‘camera shy’. When you are on your own, you can do whatever you want and experiment. You’ll be the only judge of the result. Or at least that’s what I think…I’m still a bit shy and playing safe when photographed by others.


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Now this is going to be a bit different to what i usually post. I found Cris' blog the other day. I look at a lot of photos but these are different, a fresh take.
You can find her blog, here.

A bit from Cris,
"I think that discovering art set me somehow free...I accepted myself as I am and started to be grateful for what I am and what I have. Untill then I was in may sound silly..but now I finally see myself having a purpuse and trying to reach my goals.

Talking about photography I have to say that the bigest secret is that all starts inside. Before you take your camera and
shooting..and put somebody in front of it you have imagine the final result. Of course the result may vary but when you do that you are sure that you will get that shot that you love...and some even better. I often find myself walking down the street and thinking about what I could do in a place that I crossed by ...or trying to develop an ideea that I already have,thinking of all the little details that could make it special. And trust me,I walk a lot.."