Friday, 22 September 2017

A Blank Canvas

If asked what i love most doing i would answer: making images.

An image can communicate so much in so short a time. I started off this journey with photography, then painting. I also started this blog a long time ago, with its focus on styling. If you coming back to this page as a previous follower, there will be a shift in direction, I will mainly focus on this new endeavor of mine, a new business that gives me the opportunity to use every skill and information I have managed to learn along the way.

I remember someone saying that the best way to start a business is by solving a personal frustration, which turned out to be the case for me. Of course, like any good advice, you receive it after the deed is done :D

I wanted a simple black dress; one that fit well and was made from a good combination of fabrics... And had a decent price. If you ever found yourself in that situation, you know how frustrating that can quickly become. Long story short, i thought myself how to make patterns and sew and proceeded to make these elegant office dresses that can be worn to almost any occasion. But then I thought I should unite painting and dressmaking and have a collection of evening gowns. And I have to say this, the satisfaction of making a product from start to finish and including all of your skills in its production is only exceeded by the joy of seeing someone feeling happy wearing it. A canvas that can be worn.

This is a new start for me and I will document it in this pages . I have already passes the stages of endless pattern adjustments and various techniques employed in different combinations but the exploration continues. Now that I know the rules, I can use them to my advantage and try to master new ones.